Adding a Self-Reported Source to Your Unified Channel Defined Property

Start by gathering all of the values in your self-reported source. Build a table report. Use your Self Reported Source field from Action Properties as the breakdown. For a column add Any Action, Times Done.

Now you have all of the values from your self-reported source field. Review your values and create buckets for the self-reported fields. These buckets might include channels you’ve defined in your mappings. In some cases, you might create an entirely new bucket. For example take values like: “linkedin”, “company page”, “Al’s linkedin post”

and group them into: LinkedIn Organic

Next, navigate to your Unified Channel Defined Property. Click Properties > Unified Channel > ellipsis on the left > Edit

Create a new mapping. Combine Action Name is Contact Created AND your “self-reported source field” is [FILL IN VALUE]. Use OR logic or REGEX to map many values into the same bucket. Lastly, map these to existing channels in your Unified Channel or create new channel mappings.