Touchpoint Type property

Touchpoint Type is an action property that helps distinguish between different categories of sales and marketing actions.

Below is a full list:

Touchpoint Type
Website Session
Action Type = "start-session"
Action Type = "enter-page"
Form Submission
Action Type = "onsubmit"
Ad Impression
Action Name = "LinkedIn Ads Impressions Changed" AND Action Type = "custom"
Ad Engagement
Action Name = "LinkedIn Ads Ad Engagements Changed" AND Action Type = "custom"
Campaign Subscription
( Action Name = "Campaign Subscription Created" OR Action Name = "Campaign Subscription Updated" ) AND Action Type = "custom"
Action Name = "Call Created" AND Action Type = "custom"
Action Name = "Meeting Created" AND Action Type = "custom"
Send Sales Email
( Action Name = "Email Created" OR (Action Name = "Email Sent" AND Integration = "Salesforce") ) AND Action Type = "custom"
Send Marketing Email
Action Name = "Email Sent" AND Action Type = "custom"
Open Marketing Email
(Action Name = "Email Opened" OR Action Name = "Open Email") AND Action Type = "custom"