Average Number of Touchpoints Before Buying Stage

The average number of marketing and sales touchpoints that help customers reach a stage is valuable to know to tune your touchpoint frequency.

The key feature that allows this reporting is Sequences. You can do a preliminary reading on Sequences from the below guide:


When you create a sequence of actions, you can select what action to count. For example, if you select LinkedIn Impressions Changed → Deal Created as a sequence, you have the option to count the number of deals generated, and you have the option to count the number of impressions before deal being created. This is done by selecting “count” on the appropriate step.


Average number of LinkedIn impressions to generate an opportunity

This report shows the average number of impressions before the date that the deal is created, per company that has an impression before deal created.

Let’s say we have 100 deals this month. 10 of them have linkedin impressions, with a total of 1000 impressions. Of those 1000 impressions, 500 of them are before the deal was created. This report would show 500 / 10 = 50 avg impressions.

Another version of this would be showing the average across all deals. In this case the report would show 500 / 100 = 5 avg impressions.

The first version shows the frequency needed when you know you are going to engage with a company over LinkedIn Ads.

The second version shows the weight of LinkedIn Ads. For this, you will need to change the Ratio to just a goal of Deal Created.

Average number of touchpoints per channel to generate an opportunity

The above report allowed us to look at a single channel’s average touchpoints. A version of this report can be created to show average touchpoints across all channels.

As a pre-requisite:

  1. Create your Unified Channel property:
  2. Step 2.3 - Create your “Unified Channel” property
  3. Convert your Unified Channel property into a single “Marketing Touchpoints” goal.

Keep in mind that we have a sequence of Marketing Touchpoints → Deal Created here, showing that a marketing touchpoint happened before deal creation. Therefore we don’t need to add an attribution model.

Using this data for Account-Based Marketing

A simple way to book more revenue using this data is to:

  1. Measure the number of touchpoints you currently have with companies that have no deals created, vs the average number of touchpoints you have to create a deal
  2. Close the gap for any companies that have a low amount of touchpoints in a specific channel compared to the average

How HockeyStack uses HockeyStack: Using this report, we noticed that 27% of our ABM April ‘24 list did not have the average required LinkedIn Impressions to convert, so we carried those 18 accounts into a separate campaign to show more ads. Our sales people also noticed that the average deal is created after 3 LinkedIn DMs, but most of our LinkedIn outreach stops at the first message, so we gotta get those followups in.