Journeys Use Cases

Example Use Case

  • Inbound leads, last 7 days
    • Analyze their full journeys and understand how we brought them
  • SDR Hit list engagements, today
    • Set up alerts for sales team to enable quick response
  • List of Closed Won Deals
    • Pull deal retros for board meetings
  • Buying Unit Penetration
    • Understand who we need to convert

Example Configurations

Account List Intent Tracking
Group by Companies
Target Account list (company property), Who have entered site today Target Account list (company property) Who have done [Enter high intent goal] within the last 7 days
ABM Activity
Group by Companies
Whose target account (company property) is true, who have entered site last 90 days
Buying Unit Penetration
Group by Users
Whose Company domain (company property) Contains [Enter Company Name]
New ICP Leads
Group by Companies
Who have done [Enter sign up goal] within the last 3 days
Rep Account List Activity
Group by Companies
Account list owner property (company properties) is [Enter owner name] All Time
Gong Mentions
Group by Companies
Who have done [Gong mention tracking goal] in the last 7 days