Marketo Pulled Actions List

Below is a list of common objects and activities we pull from Marketo. This includes all of their properties, both pre-defined and custom.



We pull all predefined and custom properties of the Lead object and also associate this record with the activities they performed from the below list.

Activity Types

New Lead

New person/record is added to the lead database

Fill Out Form

User fills out and submits a form on web page

Click Link

User clicks link on a page

Click Email

User clicks on a link in a Marketo Email

Send Email

Send Marketo Email to a person

Email Bounced

Marketo Email is bounced for a lead

Open Email

User opens Marketo Email

Email Bounced Soft

Campaign Email is bounced soft for a lead

Send Sales Email

Send Email using Sales View (Outlook Plugin)

Open Sales Email

User opens a sales Email

Click Sales Email

User clicks on a link in a sales Email

Receive Sales Email

Receive Email using Sales View (Outlook Plugin)

Sales Email Bounced

Sales Email bounced

Reply to Sales Email

User replies to a sales email

Document Interacted With

Lead interacts with a document in Dynamic Chat dialogue

Dialogue Goal Reached

Lead reaches a goal in Dynamic Chat dialogue

Share Content

Share Content

Click Shared Link

Click a Shared Link

Change Program Member Data

Change Program Member Data

Change Status in Progression

Change a Status in an program progression. Along with this action, we pull the old and new status along with the program name and id.