How does HockeyStack affect my Privacy Policy?

Although our tracker script is cookie-less, you should still change certain privacy initiatives to comply with GDPR and other local privacy laws.

Consent Banner

You don’t need to add HockeyStack behind a cookie banner. However it is still an analytics tool that processes visitors’ activity. Therefore if you have a tracking consent banner for processing such data, you should add HockeyStack’s script to that list so it only collects visitors that accepted the conditions.

Depending on your business and location of operation, a banner may not be necessary altogether. This is because the HockeyStack tracking script is optimized to require the least amount of update to your privacy infrastructure.

Privacy Policy

You should add HockeyStack as a sub-processor in your privacy policy. Here’s a short description of our service that you can paste into your policy:

Analytics service to measure and analyze website activity, ranging from page views to form submissions. Helps to improve website and other marketing content using aggregated and non-aggregated data about website visitors.

Here are links to our own privacy policy and terms of service for reference:



For reference, here is more info on how cookie-less tracking work and what kind of datapoints from the website are collected: 🍪How Does Cookieless Tracking Work?

Contact us if you want to see actual examples from our customers on how they added HockeyStack into their privacy infrastructure.