Analytics Terminology

Analytics Terminology

Data Hierarchy

Users: A user is a unique user that enters your website. Usually, HockeyStack does not track unique users across different devices and browsers. So be aware that one person entering from two devices will be counted as 2 users, unless you assign them an identity.

Sessions: A user's each visit to a website is a session. A session can include many pageviews. It is ended after 10 minutes of total inactivity.

Pageviews: A pageview is, as the name suggests, a visit to a single page.


Bounce and Bounce Rate: A bounce is a session that has only one pageview. The user has bounced from that page. The bounce rate is the percentage of sessions where a user bounced.

Pages / Session: The ratio of pageviews to sessions. a.k.a. the average number of pageviews in a session.

Session Duration: The average duration of a session. Be aware that the 10 minute inactivity period counts towards a session's duration.

Scroll Depth: The percentage of a page's height that the user scrolled through.

Enters: The amount of times a page was the session's first page.

Exits: The amount of times a page was the session's last page.

Active Visitors: Any visitor whose session has not ended in the last 10 minutes.

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