Dashboard Builder

Dashboards allow you to organize reports into easily digestible pages.

To create a new dashboard, make sure “Dashboards” is selected in the primary sidebar, click “New Dashboard”, and then click “From Scratch”. This will land you on an untitled and empty dashboard. To edit the dashboard’s title, click the pen icon next to its name.

Now, you’re ready to add a report. Clicking the + button will launch the report builder, and add the report to the dashboard automatically when you are done. If you want to add a report you’ve already built, you can click “Add Existing Report” instead of selecting a report type. You can use a single report in multiple dashboards.

Once you’ve added some reports, you may want to rearrange them. To move a report around, drag it by its header and move it to your desired spot. You can also shrink and stretch reports to fit multiple in the same row by clicking on the ellipsis in the top right corner of the report. A row consists of 4 columns. Every added report starts at a 4-column width and can be stretched all the way down to a single column.

If you want to delete the dashboard, hover on its name in the sidebar, click on the ellipsis, and click “Delete.”