Capterra Ads

Capterra Ads

HockeyStack's Capterra Ads integration pulls your campaign data into HockeyStack and connects it with your marketing, revenue, and product data. This allows you to track through your ad spend and ad insight data.

How to Connect

  1. Click the "Connect" button next to the Capterra logo in your settings.
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  3. In order to proceed you need to submit your Capterra API key.
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  5. In order to get an API key from Capterra, you need to go through Capterra’s helpdesk/account manager. You can find their contact information by signing in to your Capterra account and clicking on "Account Settings". Their contact details are located in the grey box to the right.
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  7. Once you've received the API key, paste it and Click "Connect". You are all set!


In order for HockeyStack to combine Capterra Ads traffic with your revenue and other related data, make sure you set the following values in your campaign’s UTM Parameters. An example would be: