Defining Custom Attribution Weights

We all know not all attribution touchpoints are created equal. But how does a LinkedIn Impression measure up to an invite-only Exec dinner Event? Determine the relative value of each touchpoint, then normalize the values between 0 and 1. This gives you your Custom Attribution Weights to apply to your Unified Channel defined property.

Step 1 - Find the frequency of each action in a given journey.

  • Create a table report with “all time” date range. Breakdown by Unified Channel. Measure Any Action - Times Done divided by Any action - Companies.

Step 2 - Calculate the relative weight of each touchpoint.

i.e. 5 LinkedIn vs 2 Events. The relative weight of Events against LinkedIn is 5/2 = 2.5

  • Add your table to a dashboard to export, and export your table to a csv.

Step 3 - Add your weights to your Unified Channel Property

  • Navigate to Properties > Unified Channel > toggle on “Custom Attribution Weights” > add each weight from Column E.