Attribution Funnel

The Attribution Funnel visualization offers a dynamic approach to analyzing attribution across touchpoints. By setting checkpoints along the timeline, users can understand how the impact of different touchpoints changes at different points in the customer journey. We often refer to this report type as the reverse funnel because you first set your endpoint (your chosen conversion) and then look at all of the touchpoints that bring you the endpoint. Example use case: Marketers often employ nurture emails tailored to different stages of the buying process. By breaking down into email groups (aligned to the different stages) and examining their impact over time, users can understand how each email group influences engagement or conversion. The primary goal is to track changes in influence over time and determine whether it's increasing or decreasing. When referring to "influencing the most," it indicates the touchpoint that receives the highest frequency of engagements or interactions within a specific time frame, showcasing its effectiveness in driving customer conversion actions like scheduling a demo.

Using Attribution Funnel: First, let’s set our terminology: Date Range: defines the timeframe for the data that you’d like to include in your report Breakdown: the touchpoint(s) for which you’d like to analyze impact Time Range: (in months) set the checkpoints for when analyze touchpoint influence along the journey Data Definition: the conversion or customer action Attribution Model: (Linear recommended) used to assign credit to each touchpoint

  1. Define the conversion window : Determine if you’d like to look at a conversion that happened this month, this quarter, this year etc.
  2. Define Checkpoints using “Time Range”: Tailor your analysis by setting custom checkpoints, showing the nuances of your customer journey over specific timeframes.
  3. Select your data: Choose the goal(conversion) you want to analyze touchpoint performance against
  4. Select your breakdown: This will be defined by the question you are interested in answering. What is the impact of [Breakdown] on my conversion rate [Data Definition] at each checkpoint [Time Range]